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   -A dedicated, experienced game artist with 5+ years in game development. Proficient in a variety of digital and traditional media, with excellent troubleshooting ability. Self-motivated, friendly and works well with others in a team environment, who can also provide and receive direction.


-----The National Advanced Driving Simulator / U of I; Iowa City, IA; 2011 – 2012
-The NADS MiniSim (PC)
    Artist (freelance) -- Vehicle modeling, texturing, and rigging 4k tri cars with a 1/3 interior, with matching modeled, textured and rigged,     instrument panels.

-----Budcat Creations / Activision; Iowa City, IA; 2006 - 2011
-Top Shot Arcade, (Wii)
    Environment Artist -- Map / Level layout, lighting, prop modeling / texturing and maintenance of levels.
-Band Hero/Guitar Hero 5, (Ps2), Guitar Hero Metallica (Ps2, Wii)
    Lead Environment Artist -- Overseeing and Scheduling Level artists for game, Modeling/Lighting/Optimizeing levels per-platform, ensuring all     level functionality on Ps2 and Wii. (ie. constant frame rates, collisions, shadow blockers, visibility occlusion, gameplay bugs)
-Guitar Hero 4 World Tour (Ps2)
    Lead Environment Artist -- Overseeing and Scheduling Level artists for game, Collaborated to develop new tech: to video capture 360 level     venues, for playback on PS2 as video venues. Modeling/Lighting/Optimizeing models and menu environments, ensuring all level functionality     on Ps2
-Guitar Hero Aerosmith (Ps2)
    Lead Environment Artist -- Overseeing and Scheduling Level artists for game, Modeling/Lighting/Optimizeing levels, ensuring all level     functionality on Ps2
-Blast Works BTD (Wii)
    Artist -- Designed and Modeled, Levels, ships, and enemies
-Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock (Ps2)
    Environment Artist -- Poly-reduced levels, optimized textures, lighting for Levels wile setting up and ensuring functionality on Ps2
-Medal of Honor Vanguard (Wii)
    Artist -- Level Texturing: Creating, detailing and enlarging current textures.
-Two Minute Warning (Arcade)
    Environment Artist -- Level Design, Modeling, Texturing, Level Stadiums, and Props. Layout Animation Plays using Character Studio
-Nacho Libre (DS)
    Artist -- Design, Modeling, and Texturing levels. Modeling and texturing prop models. Some UI 3d Modeling.

-----American Bag Co. Inc., Springfield, MO, 2005 - 2006
    Graphic Artist / Screen Printer -- Illustrator for printed goods, Assistant computer tech, some web development work.


-Proficient in; -- 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Perforce, Office.
-Experience with; -- Maya, Mudbox, Character Studio, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Visual Source Safe, Viacom_Workstantion and I.Q.
-Dev tools; -- 360, Wii, Ps2, Ds, Unity, Stencyl Works, Torque, Neversoft Tech, Budcat Tech/Mage, Gtk_Radiant.


-Graduate Certification, Digital Game Development, Specialization: -Art Creation, Graduate Program, @ The Guildhall - Southern Methodist University, Plano, TX, 2005
-Study of Traditional Art, Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, 2003
-AA, General Studies, Missouri State University, West Plains, MO, 2002